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Eng 510  Selected Topics (4)

This omnibus number is where you will find a variety of courses in special topics in rhetoric, such as Gender and Rhetoric, Discourse Forms and Rhetoric, Writing to Heal, Writing the Visual, and others.


Eng 513 Teaching and Tutoring Writing (4)

Examines current practices of tutoring and teaching writing. Focuses on the process theory of writing to foster thinking and learning and the problems and issues surrounding individual composing. A good course to take to learn strategies for teaching writing.


Eng 514  Contemporary Composition Theories (4)

Examines theories of composition as they conflict and converge to form our prevailing theories of writing. Focuses on contemporary theories of composing written discourse. A good course to take to get an overview of composition theories.


Eng 525  Practical Grammar (4)

Designed to enable students to understand grammatical principles and to create varied and effective sentences. The course examines grammatical categories, structures, and terminology; relationships between grammatical structures and punctuation; and prescriptive grammars for written texts. A great course for learning advanced and highly sophisticated grammatical structures.


Eng 590  Rhetoric (4)

An examination of classical and modern traditions in rhetoric with attention to central concepts and perspectives on writing. Where you will find History of Rhetoric, an overview from the classical Greeks forward.


Wr 505  Reading and Conference: Writing Careers for English Majors (credit to be arranged.)

This is a graduate student option for using an undergraduate course. A community based learning course for English majors who want to figure out how use their major to shape viable careers. Students hold an internship relevant to the sort of nonacademic job they might wish to pursue after graduation and practice professional writing. An excellent course if you are wondering what in the world to do with your graduate English degree in order to make a living.


Wr 520  Writing: Process and Response (4)

Provides opportunities for students to write in various genres. Includes language attitudes, writing process, and reader response. This course runs as a workshop and is a perfect place to perfect yourself as a writer.

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